Photos From Abandoned Subways Around the World

There are countless abandoned subways around the world, where subterranean passages that were used to transport people have become forgotten, homes for the homeless, and even… fashion runways?

Commuters around the world rely on subways and underground trains as an essential part of their daily routine, with many spending hours a week underground. Thankfully, modern technology has created a subway experience that allows commuters to travel their city’s man-made tunnels in relative comfort.

But w the lights go out for good or the power turns off for good, these familiar tunnels transform into something much more mysterious and unsettling. Under the ground, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, often closed off from all light, these abandoned subway tunnels offer little in the way of a quick exit, or a comfortable stay. Fortunately, images from urban explorers, city workers, and others in the know have a way of popping up online, giving us surface-dwellers a glimpse at this dark, strange world below.