Old, Abandoned Mental Hospital Photos That’ll Creep You Out

mental health hospitals

Photos of abandoned places often go viral. They are prime material for photographers and explorers, both amateur and professional, to venture out and get glimpses of the past, anywhere from amusement parks to malls. Abandoned old mental hospital photos are on that list, mainly because they are certified-creepy by many internet users. While it’s interesting to look at the equipment and decor left behind, there’s something haunting (and terrifying) about every abandoned mental hospital.

Whether it’s the unspeakable horrors done on-site in the past, or rumors of ghosts in the buildings, they can be just as scary as some horror movies. See the phenom for yourself as you click through this list of old mental hospital photos and read the story behind them.

Willard Asylum for the Chronic Insane 

The Willard Asylum For The Chronic Insane has been shut down since 1995. Its past still lingers — an attic full of suitcases from patients past was discovered, still full of all their possessions: photos, teacups, jewelry.