VISIT: The Coolest Castles in the World

Corvin Castle, Romania

Photo: Shutterstock

Corvin Castle has many names. Some call it Hunyadi Castle or Hunedoara — for its location in Hunedoara, Romania — but to Romanians, this is one of the Seven Wonders you can find in Southeast Europe.

The castle’s construction began at the end of the Middle Ages and its architecture boasts a Gothic-Renaissance style. It was the work of a Hungarian military leader named John Hunyadi who built it over the remains of a keep belonging to Charles I.

The fortress is so large that it is separated into three areas: The Knight’s Hall, the Diet Hall, and the circular stairways. These areas are surrounded by circular and rectangular towers, a feature used for both defense and as a prison.

While some things remain the same, the castle was restored in the 17th century, which explains some of the medieval additions.