VISIT: The Coolest Castles in the World

Vianden Castle, Luxembourg

Photo: Shutterstock

Like most other castles, the highest points present serene panoramic views. This castle overlooks the town of Vianden, with a local population of a little more than 1,000 people. 

Over the years the castle fell into disarray, and restoration was halted over arguments of ownership. Only after Grand Duke Jean ceded the castle to the State in 1977 did work continue. According to Wikipedia, “In 1978, attention turned to rebuilding the walls, the gables and the roof. In 1979, the chapel was also given a new roof and restored to reflect its original Gothic appearance, which had been lost during the fire of 1667 caused by lightning. The white tower was also reinforced and topped with a conical roof. Finally, after the Nassau Mansion was fully restored in 1981–82, efforts were made to refurnish the interior as authentically as possible. This work was completed in 1990.”