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Bran Castle, Romania

Photo: Shutterstock

Since we covered Corvin Castle, we couldn’t leave Romania without mentioning Bran Castle, or as some call it, Dracula’s Castle; however, nothing is confirmed about that title.

What is true: The castle sits atop the former Teutonic Knight’s stronghold from the 13th century.

The fortress towers over the brightly-colored village of Bran. The towers and turrets gloom over the landscape giving it a mysterious mood.

The castle is owned by descendants of Queen Marie. After her death, her daughter, Princess Ileana inherited it. During World War II, it became a hospital, and by 1948 it was seized by the Communist regime.

Not too long ago, the castle was returned to its rightful owners, Princess Ileana’s son, Dominic von Habsburg in 2006.