Divers Discover an Abandoned Underwater Restaurant… and Go Inside

Inside the Abandoned Underwater Nightclub

The final video is from Slava and Karen. (Again, we’ll post the whole video at the end of this article.) Slava is the guy who filmed the footage, and we don’t know who his dark-haired friend is (pictured below). It was uploaded in July 2015.

As you can see, the guys just wore bathing suits and swam right down to the structure we’ve seen in the previous photos. No heavy equipment required.

Another shot of Slava’s friend, right on the outside of the club wearing only goggles, a snorkel, and fins.

Slava described the adventure like this: “just off the coast in front of the red rock hotel there is a structure that looks like a view point on a stick . we wanted to jump of the bridge to the water but first we had to explore what is underneath and if the water is deep enough.. it ended up being deep enough and also containing an underwater nightclub we had to look around and then we wanted to explore what is inside. this video is the result đŸ™‚ hope you liked it! “

The biggest challenge seemed to be getting inside — but they did it.