35 Years After Chernobyl – What the City of Pripyat Looks Like Today

School children in Pripyat in 1986 (Photo: YouTube)

Pripyat’s preschool could care for nearly five thousand children, and its general education school had room to teach about seven thousand students.

Vocational Technical School number eight, Pripyat, was a secondary school of major importance. Students there trained in various areas of construction for between one and five years, and were then offered positions constructing either Pripyat or the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station upon graduation.

Photo: Reddit

Inside the multi-story Palace of Culture Energetik (pictured above, lit up at night), there were dance halls, meeting halls, a library, a theatre, a movie theater, a boxing ring, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and another shooting range. Life in Pripyat was a dream come true.

Little did residents realize how things would take a drastic turn.

Photo: Shutterstock

So, what happened to the city of Pripyat, the private paradise home to so many?