35 Years After Chernobyl – What the City of Pripyat Looks Like Today

Pripyat Today

The city will remain uninhabitable for at least 24,000 years.

Inside the abandoned homes, valuables, heirlooms, and memories are left gathering dust. Some attempted to return to retrieve their precious things, though few succeeded. Most were met by armed guards that issued hefty fines and threats of imprisonment for illegal entry. But some photographers snuck in, and these are images they have found.

The dolls will never again be played with.

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The clothes never worn.

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A 2,600 square kilometer exclusion zone (or zone of alienation) was established to mark the contaminated land and restrict access to the public. The number of people evacuated from this area totaled 335,000 over subsequent years. Among the evacuee population, thyroid cancer presents three times more often than in people outside the exclusion zone the night of the disaster.