Prepaid Debit Cards Offer Huge Advantages Over Checking Accounts

Are checking accounts about to become obsolete? They may well be.  A new financial innovation from a company called AccountNow effectively eliminates the need to keep a checking account.

This is great news not just for those who are unable to open a checking account, but also for people looking for convenience and savings.

The solution is called a prepaid debit card and it not only gives you most everything a checking account provides, but so much more.

Prepaid Visa and Prepaid MasterCards from AccountNow work just like a checking account. You can easily make deposits into your account, including direct deposits of your paycheck.   And deposits are FDIC insured, just as with an old-fashioned bank account. The Prepaid Cards you get from AccountNow allow you to shop & pay bills online, make hotel & car rental reservations, and purchase goods & services wherever Visa or MasterCard is accepted.  They can also be used to withdraw cash at virtually any ATM or bank.

Take Control of Your Spending:

What’s most exciting about using Prepaid cards rather than a checking account is that it allows you to immediately take control of your finances and never have to worry about overdrafts or bounced checks.  So many of us have gotten into trouble taking on more credit and debt that we can handle.  AccountNow Prepaid cards are the perfect way to let us live within our means on a daily basis.  They also mean no more finance charges, late charges, or overdraft fees potentially saving you hundreds of dollars a year.

Best of all, anyone can get approved, even if you have had poor credit or banking problems in the past. 

Build Your Credit History:

AccountNow Prepaid Visa and Prepaid MasterCard cards also help you build your credit history in two ways. First, use the system to pay your bills online for free which will save you time, money, and demonstrate your credit worthiness. Second, the company offers an iAdvance Line of Credit, a way to get access to cash from your pay checks even before you deposit them.  This is alike a short term loan that is automatically paid back when you deposit your paycheck, but it’s cheaper than a payday loan.   Because you are constantly paying back the loan, AccountNow will report your payment history to the major credit bureaus, building your positive credit history.

Safer than cash:

Lastly, carrying an AccountNow Prepaid Visa or Prepaid MasterCard card is safer than cash. You are fully protected from unauthorized charges made to your prepaid card account in case your card is lost or stolen.

If you’re looking for financial freedom, check out Prepaid Visa and Prepaid MasterCard’s from AccountNow today, click here


What’s the Best Way to Find the Best Senior Care

When we’re young, we’re used to seeing our parents as the picture of health. They’re always there for us to lean on – whatever the reason.

As we reach middle age, though, we start to realize that our parents are becoming more frail and entering the stage of their lives where it’s now our turn to ensure their well-being.

The process of arranging proper care for elderly parents can be one of the most jarring a person has to go through. Many of us are already dealing with so much – kids, work, economic uncertainty…  But these daily stresses are nothing compared to the emotional and financial issues surrounding our responsibility to our elderly parents.  In fact, many people point to this process as the moment in their lives where they finally realize what it truly means to be an adult.

Everyone wants what’s best for their parents but, unfortunately, it’s usually not that simple. The ailments that affect the elderly, be they mental or physical, can often creep up slowly.  It’s not uncommon to wake up one day and realize that one or both of our parents are no longer in a position to properly care for themselves, and when they need help, you may be the one that has to step up and arrange that care for them.

But where to start? The Yellow Pages? Spending hours driving around to look at different facilities?  It’s also not uncommon for there to be disagreements between children and one or both of the parents as to the best course of action. Much as we would wish otherwise, financial considerations sometimes also have to be taken into account.

Fortunately, at this challenging time there is a remarkable organization dedicated to helping everyone involved in this decision.  It’s called A Place For Mom and its mission is to provide seniors and families with one-on-one guidance and assistance as well as comprehensive resources about senior housing and elder care options so that you can make the best decision for your loved ones and for yourself.

The company, which is based in Seattle, has offices in 40 states and employs over 300 Eldercare Advisors.  They work directly with seniors and their families on a one-on-one basis to analyze the individual needs of the family and prepare a variety of options taking into account medical, financial, geographic and other important factors.

The many options they can help walk you through include assisted living communities, Alzheimer’s care, nursing homes, respite care, retirement communities, residential care homes, home care, and hospice care.

This personalized service is offered free to families, as many of the nation’s care communities reimburse the company for its services.  A Place For Mom has been so successful at meeting this need that they have grown to be the nation’s largest elder care referral service.

So, if you or a loved one are involved in these complex and challenging decisions, the professional help of A Place For Mom can be indispensible in guiding you to the very best decision for the people that mean so much to you.