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Facelifts: How to Get Similar Results Without Surgery

Movie stars get it done. Fashion models get it done. Television personalities get it done.

Many famous and fashionable people turn to facelifts in order to appear younger. While it’s true that a facelift can tighten loose skin and reduce fine wrinkles, there are many detrimental side effects and risks associated with getting a facelift. These include:

  • Pain. You may experience pain after getting facelift surgery.
  • Numbness. You may feel numb after the facelift procedure.
  • Swelling. Your skin may swell up after plastic surgery.
  • Bruising. You may have some bruising after the procedure.
  • Surgery Risks These include infection, adverse reaction to the anesthesia and failure to properly heal.

In addition, a facelift can be quite expensive. Recently, the average cost for a facelift (including the cost of the plastic surgeons fee, operating room, and anesthesia) was found to be between five and eight thousand dollars. That is not exactly friendly to your wallet!

When you consider all of the risks and possible side effects, getting a facelift can be a daunting and somewhat frightening proposition.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that skin care companies are working hard to develop alternatives to face lift surgery, and some are starting to have remarkable results

One such alternative the 24-Hour Age-Defying Face Therapy from IQDerma.  Consisting of two products, Skintensive xCel and RestorEyes, the 24-Hour system fights all the major symptoms that create the illusion of aging: lines, wrinkles, age spots, discoloration and creases on the skin. It also fights dark circles, crow’s feet, and puffiness under the eyes.

IQDerma has a long history of scientific anti-aging innovation and this product incorporates the latest and best.  Hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, and powerful peptides come together to create a powerful weapon against aging.

Best of all, IQDerma also delivers results fast. Its extensive clinical trials show the product works in just minutes.  In a six-week independent study on the effectiveness of the system, 84% of participants saw plumping of facial lines and wrinkles within 15 minutes of use and 79% saw a lifting effect in facial skin within 15 minutes.

More than 85% of study participants saw a reduction in the appearance of crow’s feet and black circles. Results like these are very hard to come by without expensive procedures and injections.

Surgery-like results from a topical skin care kit – too good to be true? IQDerma is so sure the product will deliver that they are currently offering a free trial so that people can see the effectiveness before having to pay for the product.

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