How to Avoid Married People on Dating Sites

Avoid Married men on Dating Sites
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Even in the offline world, you can’t trust some people to be who they say they are. But is the online dating scene even worse in attracting men and women who are married but secretly seeking others for extra-marital affairs? How do you spot and avoid married people when on dating sites?

While men are typically typecast as being the louts cheating on their significant others, they’re not the only perpetrators. Some women are seeking other partners at online dating sites for reasons of their own.

The Truth About Online Dating

For the most part, online dating site participants are genuine people who are single and seeking the perfect match for their love life. Most of the people who are married and straying go to websites specifically devoted to hooking up, so there’s not as much danger encountering these individuals on a single online dating site.

Still, it could happen.  If you don’t take precautions to get to know someone before taking things too far, then there may be those who accuse you of playing a part in the adulterous relationship.

Don’t be willing to just accept someone’s profile as gospel. You need to get to know your online dating prospects before agreeing to meet with them or engage in any romantic relationships.

Sometimes, love moves more quickly on the ‘net, so you have to protect yourself against the possibility that the other party isn’t being completely up front about who they are or what they’re seeking.

You don’t want to be plagued by guilt and shame that ensues when you find out you’ve been the unwitting accomplice in a triangle of love with your online dating partner that the other person’s spouse knows nothing about. Ask questions on the phone, and listen to what they say and how they answer them. If something sounds suspicious, ask more questions. You don’t need to interrogate but use it as an opportunity to learn more about them.

Once things have gotten more intense, look them up on social media. That should show something as well. And if they don’t have any kind of social footprint, find out why.

If you discover someone you’re interested in has been playing the virtual field while still tied down to someone in the offline world, then you need to abruptly end the discussions and move on to someone who was more forthright in their disclosure of who they are and their marital status.

Some bloggers are taking adulterers who use online dating sites to task, accusing them of violating the unsuspecting party’s Constitutional Rights and making it more than just an ethical or moral dilemma. 

Make sure you ask questions and notice anything unusual in the prospect’s demeanor.  And most importantly, recognize that even if it happens to you, these people are in the minority, and don’t represent the majority of the online dating pool.