Will Your Pets Be Protected When Disaster Strikes?

Photo: Shutterstock

Most of us know the standard protocol in the case of an emergency, yet we rarely think of our pets even though they are an important part of the family. The thought of anything happening to them, especially when we could have taken steps to prevent it, is unbearable. Here are some simple, tips and inexpensive items to have in your disaster kit for pets.

Stay Calm

According to Harrison Forbes, “The key to keeping your pet calm is to think of an imaginary electric cord from you to your pet; all your emotions transmit straight to them. If you transmit a calm and confident exterior, your pet will follow suit. When our pets are hit with new situations that they aren’t used to, they look to us and how we react to determine if a situation is safe. It is genetic wiring—they learn by interpreting body language and vibes from their mothers. If she is tense or scared they assume the situation must be bad, but if she is calm everything is okay.”

Have Pet Identification

Collars can work for more than just a dog and a cat; pigs, ferrets, and hamsters will all be able to use them as well since they come in different sizes. Identification should have the rightful owner’s name, address, and phone number so a finder may easily get in touch. Microchipping is even better. 

Below are some colorful collars we selected on Amazon. [EDITOR’S NOTE: How Life Works is an Amazon Affiliate and may make a commission from purchases made through links on this website.]

Disaster Kit for Pets

Make sure it includes extra food, water, easily-accessible bowls, medical records, a photo of each of your pets, medicine/prescriptions, leashes, protective outerwear, booties, and a fire-resistant blanket. Pet experts at North Shore Animal League America say, “Pet owners should keep an emergency pet supply kit on hand at all times.” Each of these items can help give your pet protection when things go wrong!

Travel Bowls

These silicone collapsable bowls don’t take up much space and can be clipped onto bags or packs for easy transport.

Pet Carrier

If you must evacuate your building or home, know where your pet likes to hide and have a carrier ready. A carrier will help your pet leave the premises protected from dangerous outside forces; you can also transport them in an easy and fast manner.

The cloth pet carrier allows your furry friend room, offers different carrying options that are comfortable for you, and can collapse into a small space for storage.

Burn Protection
“Pets who have recently received short haircuts may become sunburn victims and are as susceptible to heat stress as dogs who haven’t had their fur trimmed,” says Jennifer Warner Jacobsen, Director of Shelter Outreach. “In fact, your pet’s hair has insulating characteristics to help protect him from the heat — that summer trim should be long, not short.” Also, look into creams that help protect a pet’s skin in the heat. 

This ointment will provide healing in the event that your pet gets cut or burned. It can be used on dogs and cats as well as other small animals.

Our pets are the friendly, cuddly faces we come home to. They make us feel comforted on a bad day and give us companionship when we need it. Help ensure that your pet will always be safe and happy, especially when unexpected dangers occur! We may not think of safety precautions daily, but in a life-threatening moment, planning ahead for our pets can make all the difference.