DIY: How to Create an Incredible Penny Table Top

penny table top diy
Photo: Rumble

Got an old table you don’t want to trash but don’t know what to do with? This penny table top DIY project is the perfect solution!

Not Handy? No Problem!

Home projects have been a rage for a long time, but even more so since the pandemic hit and people have had time to take on new projects. And the best news is that this DIY project is super easy, super inexpensive, and produces a BIG impact when it’s completed.

The design in the video below is on a round table, but we’ve seen it produced on square and rectangular surfaces as well.

“If you have about $35 dollars to spare and an old dining room table that needs upcycling, then this is the perfect Do It Yourself project for you!” the post reads on You’ll need protective gloves, pennies, and crystal epoxy resin. “Make sure to get enough of the resin to cover the entire surface of the table; it might be a good idea to overestimate the amount you are going to need, just to be on the safe side.”

The estimates for a basic four-person size penny table top DIY say you’ll need around $35 in pennies. So, either change some cash into coins or get that jar from the grandparents and have your kids sort through it, making sure there aren’t any great collectible coins in the batch. (Kids LOVE searching for treasures.)

While the idea seems pretty basic after looking at the image, watch the whole video first to learn about any pitfalls in advance.

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