4 Tips for Packing to Move (So You Won’t Lose Your Mind)

Tips for Packing to Move
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Even when you’re excited about getting a fresh start in your new home, moving can be an exhausting and stressful ordeal. Everyone has a different perspective on tackling it, but these easy tips for packing to move can save your life.

Tips for Packing to Move

I’m more of a minimalist, but thankfully, my wife knows the sentimental value of keepsakes and heirlooms that can be passed on to our children or mark milestones in our lives. My first instinct is to toss anything that isn’t critical, but she knows what’s truly valuable. Many people can feel the weight of their possessions during the moving process, and tensions can run high.

The moving process is so stressful that it’s easy to find silly reasons to get angry. Clinging to a useless piece of junk is often just a symptom of dealing with the bigger challenges moving presents.

  • It’s hard on kids.
    Consider how stressful it is to move as an adult. Now take away that life experience, and throw in the fact that your kids might be leaving all they’ve ever known.
  • The bigger the family, the harder the move is.
    Remember moving when you were single? All you had to do was bribe a truck-owning friend with pizza, and you could have everything moved in a day. But once you add a spouse and children to the equation, you collect a lot more stuff.
  • Expenses creep up.
    Between the down payment, closing costs, inspection costs, and rental truck costs, even a move across town can deplete your bank account.
  • Unpacking feels like a chore.
    Moving isn’t just about transporting everything to your new home. It still needs to be unpacked, and by the time your family arrives at the new house, exhaustion can stretch this process out for weeks.

How to Ease the Transition

While moving can be stressful, there are a number of things you can do to make it easier:

  1. Get your family on board. Get your spouse involved researching schools, sports leagues, and clubs to make the new destination feel exciting, rather than foreign. Give everyone a chance to say goodbye to friends and exchange information for staying in touch.

    Treating the move as an adventure will help ease kids’ fears of the unknown. Set packing goals with fun rewards, and let them start planning their new room to get them excited.
  2. Break it down into manageable tasks. Create a list of every task that must be done before the move. Check off items as they’re completed, and pack room by room. Crossing items off your list and packing one room at a time can make the feat seem manageable.
  3. Get rid of anything you don’t need. A garage sale or trip to Goodwill can make a move much easier. If your family has a hard time deciding what stays, have each person choose a certain number of items that must be left behind.
  4. Get a storage unit. Storage units can be a big help for setting aside items you won’t have room for in the new house but may want to keep. If you’re trying to sell your old house, decluttering can make rooms appear more spacious and appealing. At the very least, storing seasonal items and unused furniture can make moving day much easier.

Reducing the stress of a move is all about getting your family to work together and make packing go as smoothly as possible. By breaking the move down into manageable tasks, getting your family excited, and decluttering your life, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying your new home.