4 Smart Tech Tricks to Selling Your Home

Photo: Shutterstock

When you put your house on the market, the thing that will sometimes kick a potential buyer over the edge is equipping the house with cool tech gizmos. Here are four technology tricks for selling your home.

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1.      Pop and Lock Your Property
Imagine your house recognizing you when you arrive home and unlocking the front door for you. A company called August has developed technology that will detect your Bluetooth signature when you show up on your property, triggering it to unlock your front door. You can also set up the system so the house “unlocks itself” for friends and family members and relocks the door after they come inside.

2.      Warm Things Up
I often work in a different state, and I love being able to reset the furnace with mobile technology. Nest lets you control heating and cooling remotely and monitor the temperature of your property. It’s a reasonably priced system that can save you money on heating and cooling bills. What buyer wouldn’t love that idea?

3.      Create a Push-Button House
A variety of security companies and other businesses are working on systems to help you control everything in your home, from lights to garage doors to blinds. Systems like the Icontrol Piper, the SmartThings Hub, and the Lutron Smart Bridge let you automate your home from your smartphone. Showing off a high-tech house with mobile control can be really impressive to the right buyer.

Because of general home automation, I can work remotely while retaining the ability to check that my doors are locked, the garage is closed, and the heat is on or off. If I so choose, I can stay in someone else’s home for two days while renting mine out on Airbnb — keeping an eye on it remotely the entire time. Mobile automation could open up the sharing economy further for homeowners.

4.      Design an Open Office
The most appealing modern homes are built with technology use in mind. The genius station or command center is a room just off the kitchen where you or your kids can work in plain sight. You can monitor what your kids are doing on their computers and tablets without having to sneak down to a basement or converted bedroom.

Putting a dedicated tech room right on your first floor can transform how you live. While the family is cooking dinner, people can be studying or communicating with the world from the hub of the house. This is the kind of modern house design that buyers are looking for.

Buyers want homes that are designed around a modern lifestyle. People are much more transient, and they want a house they can control or check on with the swipe of a finger. Automation products represent the first step toward making your home tech-friendly — and buyers will be willing to make a bid on a house like that.