What’s Keeping You From Getting a Good Night’s Sleep?

why can't i sleep at night
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Why can’t I sleep at night?

It’s a question a lot of people ask, even though our bodies are even programmed with a biological clock that helps us move between restful and active states. Yet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports 30% of American adults don’t get enough sleep. So why is something as instinctual as a great night of sleep so elusive?

Why You’re Not Sleeping

There are scientifically proven, right and wrong ways to remedy this situation and ensure you’re getting up on the right side of the bed every day.

What we do before going to bed plays a role in the quality of our rest. Unfortunately, drinking a glass of wine or relaxing with Netflix at bedtime could be doing more harm than good. Here are a few late-night don’ts:

1.      Don’t share your bed with pets. 
Pets are cozy and comforting, but they have a different sleep cycle than humans. They often become active overnight, resulting in preventable tossing and turning.

2.      Don’t use alcohol, caffeine, or nicotine. 
Alcohol may make us feel drowsy, but it can cause restlessness after falling asleep. Likewise, caffeine and nicotine are stimulants that can interrupt slumber. 

3.      Don’t watch television late at night. 
Watching television or surfing the Internet in bed sounds relaxing. Unfortunately, these activities stimulate the brain and are counterproductive to winding down.

4.      Don’t ignore sleep apnea symptoms. 
Sleep apnea is a disorder that can cause a person to stop breathing occasionally during the night. If you sleep through the night but feel exhausted the next day, talk to your doctor.

How to Sleep Better

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1.      Try natural sleep aid supplements. 
Natural sleep supplements are formulated to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep all night. Many people report feeling more relaxed and experiencing a more restful night of sleep when using herbal sleep supplements.

2.     Drown out disturbances with a white noise machine.
For those of us who can’t sleep a wink without some peace and quiet, any amount of jarring noise can turn your quest for rest into a waking nightmare. Fortunately, consistent background white noise can help soothe even the most restless sleeper into a deeper slumber.

3.    Block out the light with a comfy sleep mask.
Nothing beats the security of a perfectly fitted sleep mask that contours to your face to block even the most persistent rays of light from disturbing you.

4.    Relax with aromatherapy.
An important key to a better night’s sleep is relaxation, and what better way to de-stress than through the power of aromatherapy?

5.   Listen to your favorite relaxing music.
Listening to music can help many people drift off to sleep, but most headphones and earbuds are too uncomfortable and ultimately disruptive. Sleep headphones are specifically designed with comfortable sleep in mind, allowing you to drift off while listening to your favorite calming music.

Certain types of music relax the body and mind with rhythmic repetitions, slow tempos, and low tones. Some musicians are deliberately creating music designed to lull us to sleep peacefully and — most importantly — naturally. Best of all, music’s only side effect might just be a good night’s sleep!

If you suffer from insomnia, you’re certainly not alone. But with these techniques, you can get back to getting the rest you need to live a healthy, happy life.