Strangest Phobias Known to Man

Strangest Phobias Known to Man — Fun Facts

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About 11% of people encounter a phobia at some point in their lives. Some phobias are more common (fear of spiders, sharks, drowning, or flying) and others are much more bizarre, like being afraid of colors (xanthophobia), trees (dendrophobia) or sitting (kathisophobia).

Phobias only become a real nuisance when they start to rule our lives or we experience physical symptoms from fear like chest pains, nausea, choking or trembling. Some people have fears so heart-pounding they bring on severe anxiety attacks.

How do most of these phobias even start? Experts think they’re caused by a traumatic event from our childhood we may not even remember.

Here are more of the strangest phobias known to man, followed by some ways to handle them in your life.