Strangest Phobias Known to Man

Phobias (experiencing irrational fears) aren’t as uncommon as one might think, they just vary in intensity depending on the person and situation. Lots of people experience them, and some are stranger than others. So we did some digging and found what many consider the strangest phobias known to man.

PS– there’s no judgment on these. “Strange” is in the eye of the beholder. But they are out of the ordinary and you may be wondering if you experience one or more of them. So here, then, is the list along with some interesting facts about each phobia. 

1. Fear of Paper (Papyrophobia) 

Photo: Shutterstock

This phobia affects people in different ways. Some are only afraid of blank paper, others of torn paper or wet paper. Actress Megan Fox has admitted to a fear of dry paper. This phobia can be especially difficult to deal with because paper is everywhere and unavoidable.