Popular Diet Myths Debunked

diet myths debunked
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It’s that time of year when people start thinking about getting in shape and making a commitment to be healthier. But there’s a lot of info out there about exercise, fitness, and dieting, so we’ve collected a few quick videos on popular diet myths and debunked them.

The first one? You don’t need to miss out on favorite holiday treats just to get in shape.

Holiday Foods

It’s possible to enjoy the holidays without totally ruining your diet. Nutritionists says its better to indulge just a little at each holiday event versus having a cheat day where you go totally overboard. Here’s a fast report from KTNV in Las Vegas.

What About Fad Diets?

From Keto to Atkins to South Beach, there are a lot of quick ways that allegedly help you lose weight. And some may actually work. But are they good for long-term success and will they hurt your health. A University of Arizona nutritionist breaks down these fad diets.

Are Carbs the Devil?

Not like we’ve been told. When it comes to losing weight, there is no shortage of advice, and carbohydrates are often seen as the villain with popular diets promoting rapid weight loss if you cut them out. With so many confusing myths surrounding carbs, it’s time to debunk a few of them in this video from WXYZ in Detroit.

Body Building Myths

Writer, director, and producer, Vlad Yudin created the docudrama Generation Iron. In it, he exposes the following myths.

  1. Bodybuilders suffer from “negative body image,” or “reverse anorexia.”
  2. Bodybuilders depend on steroids to achieve results.
  3. Bodybuilders have low self-esteem.
  4. Body builders are socially isolated.

Below is a video from BarcroftTV about a 20-year-old-man lost 104 lbs in 10 months, going from obese to beast. You’ll see in this short profile how a healthy, dedicated attitude can help you reach your goals — whether it’s body building or any kind of health and wellness routine.