MEN: How to Manscape Downstairs (& Why We Love It)

Shaving Yourself 

For those who do want to razor everything off, trim the hair first. Once your hair is close-cropped, apply the same thickness of shaving cream as you would put on your face. No matter what surface you’re working on, pull your skin tight, and always remember to head south.

“You want to go in the direction the hair grows,” Staudenmaier advises. “There’s a higher risk of razor burn, cutting, and in-grown hairs if you go against it. You can also shave sideways after you’ve gone down a couple of times.”


If you regularly shave, a loofa can help prevent in-grown hairs, but don’t do it every day or you risk irritating the skin.

Crotch Care

“You’ve taken some dead skin off so you want to re-hydrate with lotion and moisturize,” Staudenmaier says. Prevent irritation by giving bare skin a couple days to recover. “You want your hair to be at least an eighth of an inch thick before shaving again,” she adds. “You can trim as often as you like, but don’t shave every day. If you’ve got a date on Friday night, plan to shave the Monday before and then do it again Friday morning.”

How to Manscape Downstairs — Final Tips

DON’T use shaving cream that has a minty, astringent (tingly) or numbing quality. It could easily turn into a painful burning sensation

DO change your razor blades often, throwing it out after 6 or 7 uses.

DON’T exfoliate after you manscape. It can hurt.

DO see if your style is appreciated — both by you and others. If you aren’t comfortable with the look, that will translate when meeting them in intimate settings.