MEN: How to Manscape Downstairs (& Why We Love It)

Wondering how to manscape your pubic area? We turned to hair and makeup stylist Saida Staudenmaier for advice. She’s been working in the entertainment industry for more than a decade and knows how to take care of hair, even “down there.”

Skin Prep

manscape downstairs
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“The most important thing to remember when you’re shaving is that the hair follicles and pores have to be very open and soft,” Staudenmaier says. “If you shave dry skin, you could end up with razor burn or actually take skin off, so take a hot shower first.” Next, exfoliate with a loofa or body scrub to get rid of dead skin. “This helps you get the closest shave possible,” she says. “It also ‘frees up the hair, pushing the skin back from the follicle.

Trimming Tips

When it’s time to trim, Staudenmaier recommends using good quality clippers. Don’t remove too much, especially if you’re only looking to clean up unruly hair, because once it’s gone you have to wait until it grows back.

“Use attachable clipper guides so you don’t go straight to that tender skin,” she says.

After you’ve clipped the area, check it out and see if that’s enough for your tastes. Guys often realize they don’t need to do any shaving because a downstairs trim manscape makes everything look good.