MEN: How to Manscape Downstairs (& Why We Love It)

manscape downstairs
Photo: Shutterstock

Dear Men… We know you appreciate it when we shave our legs, get bikini waxes, and keep things trim, neat, and tidy “down there.” Well, we’d like you to manscape downstairs as well.

While we love men who can grow a good beard, grooming the sexiest areas of your body should be about defining the look you want to present, a visual representation of your current mood, personality and style.

You don’t have to be barren, either. A close-cropped crotch can show off your assets in the best light, while a trimmed chest and abs can let people see that you’ve been taking care of your body. It also offers a more youthful appearance and can even be a turn-on — because your partner may want to help you get things in order south of the border.