How to Get Super Straight Hair Without the Cost or Chemicals of a Blowout

How to Get Super Straight Hair
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If you grew up with unruly curls, chances are, you are not an “Orphan Annie” worshipper. And, if you see girls with luxurious super sleek hair and covet their look, don’t despair. If you’re wondering how to get super straight hair, it’s easier than you think!

Better yet, with today’s home tools and the right technique, you don’t have to go in for those expensive new treatments that subject your hair to harsh chemicals.

How to Get Super Straight Hair

Brush It Out
After you’ve shampooed and conditioned–you’ll always want to start with clean hair so the style lasts longer–make sure your hair is combed free of any and all tangles. Then, begin to brush it straight. Brush from the bottom of your hair and work your way up to your roots: This is the best way to prevent breakage.

Heat Protection
Because you are about to use serious heat on your hair, protecting it is key. Between the blow dryer and the flat iron abuse, it’s easy to burn–and thus break or fry–your hair. Avoid this by applying heat protectant all over your hair. You can find this easily at most drugstores or even at your salon, and it costs just a few dollars.

Be careful to only use a dime-sized amount–unless your mountain of curls rivals actress Keri Russell’s from the television show Felicity. Oily products like protectant are highly concentrated, and if you use too much, you will look like your hair needs to be washed. If it’s a spray, one or two pumps should be enough. Always start from the bottom of your ends to your roots, that way you will not have excess product at your scalp.

One Section at a Time
Most salon blowouts turn out better than anything we do at home.  That’s largely because in the salon they have the ability to work on our hair as a complete canvas, section by section. But, it’s easy to mirror this approach. Use butterfly-style clips to section the top half of your hair, and then follow suit for the loose bottom hair, sectioning it in either two or three sections (depending on how thick your hair is).

Now, for the Main Event!

Start From the Bottom
Take one of the bottom sections, and remove the hair clip. Make sure it’s not a super thick chunk of hair, or it won’t straighten evenly. With the small section of hair, you’re going to put the hot straightener around hair close to your roots, but not close enough that it’s going to burn you. Now, work your way straight down that strip. Ideally, you’ll get your results in one swipe, but be prepared to run it through two or three times!

Continue to do the same for each section of hair. You may need to make smaller sections depending on how thick your hair is. The secret is to let the heat penetrate the hair shaft without burning it.

Are You Done?

Inspect your hair. Have you missed any parts? Straighten those out. Now, brush your hair one final time and show off your beautiful sleek look to the world!

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