Myths About Breast Augmentation

Myths About Breast Augmentation
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Of all the common cosmetic procedures, the one that holds the biggest place in our popular imagination is breast augmentation. There are a lot of myths about it — as well as about women’s bodies in general — even in a time when Googling information should be easy.

If breast augmentation only conjures up images of bursting bikini tops, Pamela Anderson (for those of a certain age), and jiggle — your perception couldn’t be further from the truth.

Breast augmentation is one of the most common and successful cosmetic procedures. In fact, just last year, hundreds of thousands of women underwent it.  And, the women who typically go in for it are moms, professionals, and young singles. Regular people just like you. In fact, chances are you know several women who have had the procedure done.

Why is that? Well, for starters, these women understand that breast augmentation doesn’t just increase breast size, it also does wonders to improve the shape and symmetry of breasts. They also realized just how much the procedure could improve their lives. According to a recent survey, 97 percent of women who have undergone the procedure are satisfied with the results. They realize that healthier, fuller breasts have made them feel more confident and sexier than ever.

If you’ve always felt inadequate when it came to your breasts, but weren’t quite sure if the procedure was right for you, read on. You’ll see how everything you’ve thought about breast augmentation has changed.

We’ll start by debunking the five most common myths about breast augmentation.

Myths About Breast Augmentation
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My new breasts will look stiff and fake.
Not true. Surgeons have developed techniques guaranteed to create natural-looking breasts that also move naturally and feel natural. In a few months, even you will begin to think they’re real!

The procedure will leave visible scars.
New techniques have made scarring minimal. The incisions are carefully behind the breast tissue or above the breast muscle, just so that any scars will be as inconspicuous as possible.

You can’t “test-drive” your new breasts.
Yes, you can. During your initial appointment, doctors can place breast-sizers inside your bra so you can simulate the effect of different sizes and choose the “best breast” for you.

Breast augmentation is painful.
If you see the right doctor, the procedure should only cause minor discomfort, easily relieved with a mild pain medication. In a few days, you could feel comfortable enough to drive to the nearest department store to buy some new bras.

Breast implants can be dangerous.
This is the most common myth of them all. Every scientific study, without exception, has shown that there is absolutely no association between silicone gel-filled breast implants and any systemic diseases.

Costs of Breast Augmentation

While the cost of breast augmentation can vary between approximately $4,000 and $10,000, most women find the price well worth it.  Surgeons usually are able to help their patients obtain financing or accept payment plans.

As with all surgery, breast augmentation does have risks, including certain risks specific to the procedure, which you should discuss fully with your surgeon.  The best way to avoid any complications is to use a highly experienced and skilled plastic surgeon. 

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