Dare Yourself: 5 Simple Changes to Reinvigorate Your Diet

small changes to aid weight loss
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According to research published in the Obesity Facts Journal, even just small changes can make a big difference over time when it comes to achieving your weight loss and fitness goals.

People feel like changing the way they eat is daunting, and I get it because there is so much conflicting information out there. But it doesn’t have to be complicated and you can reinvigorate your diet if you step outside of your comfort zone and make these 5 simple, but bold, changes.

1. Feel Energized by Eating Fruit Daily

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Fruit has gotten a bad rap ever since low carb diets became in-vogue. Fruit has too much sugar… Fruit makes you fat… Fruit causes insulin spikes… I’m sure you’ve heard those pieces of advice at some point.

The truth is that carbs aren’t the enemy and don’t make you gain weight if you eat them in balance with your body’s energy needs. Yes, fruit contains sugar, but that sugar is bound with fiber and the many micronutrients that your body needs to feel invigorated.

There’s a popular saying that an apple wakes you up as well as a cup of coffee. This isn’t because apples contain caffeine but because the sugar in apples converts to glucose quickly, it provides a boost of energy to your glucose-thirsty brain.

Dare yourself to eat fruit daily and enjoy the sweet and flavorful nutrition fruit provides.

2. Track Your Unique Nutrition

Humans come in many different shapes and sizes and that’s what makes you special! Your unique body deserves unique nutrition.

A simple step that you can take to free yourself from unhealthy eating habits is to use your smartphone to track what you’re putting into your body. This process is called counting macros and it first establishes how much food you need personally and then teaches you how to hit that target through food tracking.

Often just being more aware of what you’re putting into your body sparks your desire to make healthier choices. This single step is so powerful!

3. Exhilarate Your Day with Water

Before you drink that cup of coffee or do anything else in the morning, drink a big glass of plain water.  This simple step can arouse your body like nothing else.

Your body has spent the last 7-9 hours sleeping and while you were at rest, your body was not. It was working to repair, rebuild, and rejuvenate. All of these processes require water, plus just breathing all night long expels a notable amount of water vapor.

Nothing will make you feel tired, listless, and unmotivated like simple dehydration. So, before you do anything else, hydrate your body with a big glass of water. You’ll feel amazed at how much more energized you’ll feel in the morning with this one simple step.

4. Increase Your Fiber Intake

If you feel confused as to which foods are the healthiest for your body, there’s a simple thing that you can do that will have revolution repercussions for your good health.

Simply eat more fiber. Research fiber-rich foods and then feel challenged to eat as many of those fiber-rich foods as possible. Since fiber is a strong signal of how healthy a particular food is, it is a simple way to eat healthier.

From lowering cholesterol to good digestive health, fiber is king and you’ll be awed by the difference this easy change can make in regards to your vitality.

5. Listen to Your Unique Hunger Cycle

You may have heard the advice to start your day with a big breakfast or you may have been told to not eat past 7 pm if you want to lose weight?

While there is some wisdom there, it isn’t true for everyone. Remember earlier when I talked about humans being unique? When it comes to meal timing, this is another area that a one-size-fits-all approach shouldn’t be followed.

While it is true that the human body is designed to have a period of fasting each day, when exactly that fasting period takes place and for exactly how long is individualized.

Your eating period should take place when you are your hungriest. Perhaps you don’t feel hungry until 11 am and tend to be hungry later in the evening. Then, it makes sense for you to start eating at 11 am and finish eating around 9 pm. Maybe you’re hungry as soon as you wake up. Then, you should eat at 7 am and finish eating around 5 pm.

Paying attention to your unique hunger cycle and then only eating during that window is a simple step that can have amazing results.

The bottom line with all these small changes is that there’s no need to fear the proverbial mountain when it comes to eating a healthy diet. Just like we climb that mountain one small step at a time, so do we transform our diets. One small step at a time. Before you know it, all of those steps will leave you feeling exhilarated about the changes you’re seeing both physically and mentally.

About the Author

Ted Kallmyer, BA, M.Ed., Certified Nutrition Expert & Coach is the author of HealthyEater.com and The Macro Solution. His energized approach to weight loss and fitness coaching focuses on the unique needs of each client as he challenges them to feel exhilarated through discovering exciting new ways of eating healthy and still enjoying the foods they love, all the while achieving their fitness goals. 

Ted provides personal coaching services and resources through his website and is a sought-after media guest. For more information visit www.healthyeater.com.

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