WATCH: Easy Tricks to Slice & Cut a Watermelon in Seconds

Watermelon is a wonderful fruit — not just in flavor but in the memories it delivers of fun, outdoor parties with family and friends. Oh, and cocktails. Spiked watermelons or watermelon cocktails are a true joy for adults. But they can be intimidating to slice up, so here are easy tips for how to cut a watermelon.

Like with serving a mango or cracking an egg, many people have different ways they like to cut and present their watermelon. Some work better than others. So, here are a couple of our favorite videos that show how to do it — fast and easy.

This first one from micahmediachannel, and as the video description says it’s “a simple technique will certainly help you save time when it comes to slicing and preparing a watermelon.”

Fancy, Easy Watermelon Cuts

Where the top video was about getting the job done, here are a couple videos where the presentation is amazing. And, like with the first one, they are pretty easy to tackle as well.

This first one from FoodKitchenTipsTricksLifeHacks creates an incredible lattice pattern, and you won’t believe how simple it is to do. (This isn’t a DIY for the kids, but still pretty easy.)

This next video from recetteminute also features a super cool pattern. And, once again, you don’t have to be a professional chef with crazy knife skills to make it happen. Check it out.

Alcoholic Watermelon

As mentioned in the introduction, there are wonderful ways to serve a watermelon for adults, and this recipe rocks. If you’ve ever had a margarita with fresh fruit, you know it tastes a whole lot better and more refreshing than a margarita bottle mix. This takes things to the next level. As the video description says, “The taste of watermelon margaritas has never been better.”

Check it out.