Why Now is the Time to Get a Legal Will

A will is one of the most important legal documents a person ever signs, yet over 70 percent of Americans don’t have one.

Many people think that a will is something they only need later in life or that’s its only for the rich, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Life is unpredictable and a will is the must-have legal document that makes sure the people you love and trust receive your property, become the guardian of your children, and manage your estate upon your death.  And, if you have a special charity, religious organization, or school that you want to bequeath to, a will is way to ensure that it happens. The importance of a will simply cannot be overstated.

The fact is, if you die without a will:

  • You do not get to decide who will receive your property and assets. Generally, the state will determine who gets your possessions. This may include the state government, your spouse, children, siblings and other relatives, regardless of your current relationships with these individuals or your personal wishes.
  • You will not decide who takes care of your minor children.

There are many reasons why people put off getting a will: Not enough time, can’t afford an attorney, too busy to think about it …

But now, a new service from a company called LegalZoom aims to address all these obstacles.  LegalZoom was founded by attorneys who have worked at some of the most prestigious law firms in the country, and who used their expertise to simplify the law and make it accessible for everyone.

The company has created a remarkably quick and simple online process that allows anyone to create a legal will in just minutes and for a fraction of the cost of what an attorney would charge for essentially the identical service.

Through their online process, you are asked a series of simple questions in plain English. They then generate and send you a legally binding will ready for you to sign that is valid in all states. You can create your will on your own time, without an attorney, and with the guidance you would expect from the premier online legal service center.  The online procedure carefully guides you through the process, provides all of the necessary options, and answers any questions you may have.  The company also has advisors standing by that you can call if you have additional questions.

A recent survey showed the average preparation for a standard Last Will and Testament by an attorney is approximately $540.   LegalZoom is currently offering their will preparation for an amazing $69!  Furthermore, the LegalZoom Online Will Preparation takes as little as 15 minutes to complete.

There really is no reason to put off getting a will any longer.  Your loved ones will thank you for it, and you will rest a lot easier knowing that your wishes have been legally recorded and will be carried out as you have requested.

Create Your Own Will Online Now