How to Qualify for up to $500,000 in Life Insurance with No Medical Exam

If you need life insurance and haven’t gotten it because you think it’s a hassle, help has arrived.  

How many of us really enjoy and look forward to going to the doctor or getting a physical? Let’s face it: Getting a physical or medical exam is a chore and an inconvenience.  Additionally, obtaining life insurance generally requires lengthy paperwork and underwriting.  No wonder so many people put off getting this much needed coverage. 

However, there is an alternative. You can now get life insurance online, with no medical exam, and you may even qualify for same-day coverage.

Life Insurers now offer a solution that is referred to as “no medical exam life insurance.”  No medical exam life insurance has a number of important benefits, and it has become quite an attractive option for many people.

There are many reasons for its increasing popularity:
No medical exam – Some people simply do not wish to submit to the indignity of a medical exam. No medical exam life insurance let you obtain the policy you need without the complete physical exam, blood tests, and other requirements of standard life insurance policies.

Privacy – Are you uncomfortable with a private company knowing so much about your health? No medical exam life insurance lets you obtain a policy without having to share much of the private information required on standard policies.

Less paperwork and hassle – Many people love the streamlined application process and speed of issuance of a no medical exam life insurance policy.

So, how do you find the best no medical exam life insurance policy for you?  The key to getting the best possible coverage at the best possible price is using a website like provides quotes from top rated life insurance carriers in no time.  Compare rates and benefits on no medical exam life insurance, term life insurance, and whole life insurance.

Life insurance as low as $6 month

Ultimately, rates are determined by your age, medical conditions, coverage amount and term, but it’s not uncommon to see extremely low rates for healthy adults looking for coverage. 

To see if you qualify for same-day coverage and low rates, fill out the short form on

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