How to Check Your Credit Without Hurting Your Score

Every day, we are bombarded by numbers, but some numbers matter a lot more than others. 

One of the most important numbers in your life should be your credit score–it effects how much you pay for many things including interest rates on credit cards, mortgages, car financing, and other loans. It can even affect your ability to rent an apartment, get a good job, or lease a car.  A small difference in your score can add up to thousands of dollars in extra, unnecessary expenses and huge hassles over time.

Your credit score is one number you definitely should know.

Once you know your number, it’s easy to start taking steps to improve your score. By checking your credit activity regularly, you can improve your rating by managing any negative items that need to be removed or fixed.  

People are also often amazed by the number of mistakes on their credit report.  Often, creditors will report negative payment history that is incorrect or a result of misunderstandings.  These can often be cleared up, but only if you take action.  Unless you check your score, you may never know that these detrimental items are affecting your score.

The easiest and fastest way to check your credit score is online.  There are many services that let you check your credit record free-of-charge.  GoFreeCredit is one of the best established and most reputable of these services.  You can try this service free to monitor all activity on your credit report and take action to increase your score.

You may have heard that the very act of checking a credit score can have a negative impact on your score.  It’s true–some methods actually reduce your score by 10 points for each check.  However, checking your credit score through will not have any negative effect on your score.

And, with, you also get credit monitoring, automatic notification of credit activity, and a detailed personal analysis.  

Often, people are shocked to find negative activity on their credit report.  Past 30-days late payments, collections, judgments, and bankruptcies are all factors that can negatively affect your credit score, and this service can help you address these and other issues that may have damaged your score.

Best of all, services are completely free to try, so you can see exactly what lenders see, plus a much more comprehensive picture of your credit history than a normal credit check can show you.

Improving you credit increases your options for financial success. By taking charge of your credit report, you can make sure negative incidences are dealt with quickly, and that you are not a victim of fraud and misunderstandings that can cost you thousands.

To sign up for your free unlimited access trial, visit GoFreeCredit and take charge of your financial future today.