You Won’t Believe The Story Behind This Shot!

Just as a great wine starts with great grapes, an incredible photo shoot often begins with an amazing dress.

“I had been wandering the district of Los Angeles when I came across this beautiful woven fabric,” said designer and photographer Clayton Beck. “It caught my attention because at first glance it almost looked as if the flowers had been painted on.”

25 yards of cloth and dozens of hours later, Clayton Beck had created a striking floor length gown unlike anything he had designed before. The simple silhouette still managed to have the striking quality that the designer has become known for across the world, while maintaining the softer grace of a more traditional ball gown. Then, almost as if the dress had conjured it’s own photo shoot, the phone rang.

“I got a call from a model asking if I had ever done a photo shoot at a winery or vineyard,” Clayton Beck said. “I told her that I had never done a shoot like that before, but I had the perfect dress for the occasion!”

Clayton and his model Chelsea traveled to Miraflores Winery in Placerville, CA to infuse the fashion with the elegance of a Mediterranean-inspired vineyard. Combining the California country side, delicious wine, and debonair model with his hand-made clothing, the final result conjures a feeling that is both romantic and timeless.

Written by: Ric De La Rosa
Photography: Clayton Beck
Model: Chelsea Mary Harrah
Location: Miraflores Winery, Placerville CA
Special Thanks: Lynn Marie Kremers
Jewelry: Natasha’s World Jewelry
Fashion: The Castile Gown and The Chateau Gown by Clayton Beck