Most Wanted Designer Jewelry (That won’t break the bank.)

One of the things we love most about jewelry is the many different ways it can impact people’s lives.

Sometimes it is the heart warming memories that come with putting on the first pair of earrings a loved one gave you as a child. Other times it is the radiant joy of wearing that bracelet you treated yourself to as a souvenir of a happy adventure. And then there is the incomparable confidence that comes with clasping on your favorite necklace as you prepare to face the day ahead.

There are few things in this world that can evoke so many different emotions and tell so many different stories.

Photo by: Clayton Beck Creative
Natasha is wearing an Isha Elafi necklace from Bali and UNOde50 rings, bracelet, and earrings from Spain.

As we step into this new year we invite you to find jewelry that calls out to you, uplifts you, and empowers you. Come into Natasha’s World Jewelry and let us help you find that perfect piece, whether it is for the dance floor or the board room. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Thank you to the wonderful photographer Mr. Clayton Beck (of Clayton Beck Creative) for helping to capture the powerful elegance of these beautiful pieces from UNOde50 and Isha Elafi. Something we love about both of these designers is their ability to make wearable art that radiates beauty and confidence. Whether you are stepping out on the town for a night out or walking into a conference room for serious negotiations, this jewelry evokes confidence as well as beauty.

We have many more beautiful pieces from both of these designers and more amazing artisan creators from around the globe at Natasha’s World Jewelry. Stop by today and let us help you find the perfect piece for you!

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