WATCH: The Awesome “Lone Sound Ranger” One-Man Band

the lone sound ranger video

This is The Lone Sound Ranger. He’s a one-man band who shows off his unbelievable skills on a San Francisco pier. (You know, when travel is allowed and people get to visit and watch him work.) As things open up post-pandemic, we started getting our eyes set for traveling and found this amazing video online — and we just needed to share it with the How Life Works audience.

Check him out in action, then learn more about him below that.

Who Is He?

The Lone Sound Ranger is a guy named Jordan who loves music and builds instruments of all kinds, for all kinds of people. He has a website, but the info on the there is a little mixed – you kind of get a feel for him more than a straight answer as to who he is.

“Artists, I’m building unique music tools for your projects. Fans here is LSR art. Lets Make Future-Music Epic!” he proclaims online. So, that makes him…

  • Artist? Yes
  • Musician? Yes
  • Music historian? Yes
  • More than that? Most definitely.

Joran seems to be creating a bunch of different types of art, and he’s putting things together and sending them out to the public — mostly on a donation basis.

“This is how I’m doing outreach, building the multi-instrument community, building instruments for new musicians, finishing the last piece to the LSR stage show, making my own music, & making you guys part of it,” he says on his Patreon page. There, supporters can donate in $3, $5, and $10 monthly increments — but as with any Patreon campaign you can cancel at any time if you want to stop.

He elaborates a bit more on his YouTube page, saying, “I’m building instruments for musicians & putting out unique content for LSR fans on patreon. Visit to get cool stuff coming to your email or test/have a unique instrument built for your music project.”

The most clear message comes from his “About” video, where he says (among other things), “*watch the machines grow* and watch the community grow as I work with other musicians. This stuff will brighten up your ears, eyballs, and your email inbox! Check out the, Thanks for supporting my art and a new baby art form!”

Check it out for yourself.

Visit The Lone Sound Ranger website for more info.