New ‘Street Fighter’ Collectibles K.O. the Competition

Squip Collectibles Street Fighter

Unless you’ve been living under an ancient temple for the last 30+ years, you’ve no doubt heard of Street Fighter. This legendary video game established many of the conventions in the one-on-one fighting genre that gamers take for granted today.

And while it is the highest-grossing media franchise of all time, a lot of the high-end collectibles associated with the property have been lacking. From cheap manufacturing resulting in broken limbs to bad paint jobs that don’t resemble the game characters, it was hard to find items that leveled up to the games themselves.

Until now. That’s thanks to a series of new keepsake ornaments and amazing 2020 Series busts from Squip Collectibles.

Who Is Squip Collectibles?

Squip Collectibles Street Fighter

Squip is a newcomer to the fan-collector market, but they’ve quickly made a name for themselves creating incredible products. Instead of mass-producing items through a traditional factory creation and distribution process, they use high-resolution fabrication. That means each item is produced on-demand using company-approved computer models and premium detailing, then inspected and individually packaged before being shipped out.

Their attention to detail is so fine, they’ve already scored licenses with major brands, including Capcom’s Street Fighter and Mega Man games, as well as World of Warcraft, Resident Evil, and UFC.

Squip Street Fighter Collectibles for 2020

Both the keepsake ornaments and mini-busts feature some of the most iconic Street Fighter characters — Akuna, Cammy, Chun-Li, Ken and Ryu. All pieces are official Capcom licensed products and custom made with a unique hardened synthetic polymer material that makes them super durable. (You won’t have Akuna or Cammy’s hair accidentally snapping off.)

The keepsake ornaments are:

  • Approximately 2″ tall.
  • Recreated based on the in-game character model.
  • Feature a top hook for balanced hanging.

The 2020 Series mini-busts are created using the same digital model, but are larger and come on an elevated base for proper displaying.

  • Measures approximately 2.88″ L x 1.73″ W x 3.5″ H
  • Sturdy, elevated base stamped with official licensor markings.
  • Packaged in a branded, collectible box (pictured above)

What fans have been raving about are how well the collectibles are painted. There are no wonky eyes or missing paint spots, and the shading is above industry standard. Overall, this is a top-quality reproduction on every level.

Visit Squip to check out the killer Street Fighter collectibles.