The Creepiest Abandoned Amusement Parks Ever

3. Jungle Habitat

Photo: First to Know

Long before the Six Flags used Warner Bros. characters at their theme parks, there was Jungle Habitat in West Milford, New Jersey. This Warner Brothers-owned animal park opened in the summer of 1972. Tourists could slowly drive their vehicles along the designated roadways as wild animals freely roamed about. While these animals were kept behind fences so they did not leave the park, they could walk right up to the window of a passing car.

Alas, the park was closed by October 1976 due to numerous problems. Dangerous animals reportedly escaped into West Milford, animals injured visitors on multiple occasions, several of those same animals contracted tuberculosis and were euthanized, and locals hated all the traffic. According to the park’s Wiki page, competition from theme park giant Great Adventure, combined with poor management and the park’s inability to easily expand, may have contributed to the demise as well.

For years the site’s deteriorated buildings remained, and rumors of animals still roaming the property attracted visitors. It’s since been redeveloped for public land use, such as hiking and biking trails, so there isn’t much left of the old park. But some traces remain.