The Creepiest Abandoned Amusement Parks Ever

28. Enchanted Forest

Photo: YouTube

When Maryland’s Enchanted Forest opened in 1955, its creators, father and son Howard E. Harrison Sr. and Howard E. Harrison Jr., wanted to make a park that eschewed the mechanical attractions of the recently opened Disneyland. To that end, they created a fairy-tale-themed experience consisting of recreations of scenes from classic stories like Hansel and Gretel or the Three Bears.

Over time the park added mechanical rides, like a jeep safari and a rafting trip. At its peak, the Enchanted Forest brought in an impressive 300,000 visitors per year. However, the good times didn’t last forever, and the Harrison family sold the park in 1987. Two years later the new owners closed Enchanted Forest, demolishing part of the site to make room for a shopping center. Years later, local resident Martha Clark began acquiring the surviving pieces from the park one by one. Today, they all reside with her on her farm near the site.