The Creepiest Abandoned Amusement Parks Ever

26. Rock-A-Hoola Water Park

Photo: YouTube

A water park in the middle of the desert might seem counter-intuitive, but this roadside oasis maintained consistent business from its opening in the 1960s to its closure in 1990. Located off Interstate 15 in the Mojave Desert (in the community of Newberry Springs, California), it was created by businessman Bob Byers as a private retreat for his family. The park became quite popular once opened to the public, and over the years more and more slides were added, as well as a campground.

By 1990, however, attendance had dropped sharply, and the park closed. It was briefly reopened in 1998, renovated with a 1950’s theme, but this iteration would only last for one year before closing again. Years later, the ruined pools and slides remain in the desert, covered with dust and graffiti.