The Creepiest Abandoned Amusement Parks Ever

24. Bedrock City

Photo: YouTube

With The Flintstones TV show a smash hit in the 1960s, the people behind it thought it would be a good idea to license the characters out for use in Flintstones theme parks. And so Bedrock City, the very first of these parks, opened in Custer, South Dakota in 1966. The site acted as a replica of the titular family’s hometown of Bedrock, complete with houses, dinosaur statues, and Fred Flintstone’s famous foot-propelled car. The whole thing was overseen my Mt. Rockmore, a Mt. Rushmore-like sculpture featuring characters from the show.

The site remained open until 2015, after which the various buildings and statues remained abandoned. The ruins were well-documented by urban explorers before they were finally demolished entirely in 2019.