The Creepiest Abandoned Amusement Parks Ever

17. Holy Land USA

Photo: YouTube

Opening in 1955, Holy Land USA in Waterbury, Connecticut remained in operation for nearly 30 years before closing in 1984. The project of local attorney John Greco, the park consisted of a recreation of the Israeli Holy Land, including Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Greco hand-made the over-200 model buildings himself out of chicken wire, plaster, plywood, and fiberglass.

At the height of its popularity, Holy Land USA brought in around 40,000 visitors per year. However, after Greco’s death, the park closed in 1984. Numerous attempts have been made to revitalize the park over the years, including the installation of an illuminated cross in 2013. However, these efforts seem to have stalled out, as the park currently sits closed to the public.