The Creepiest Abandoned Amusement Parks Ever

14. Crinkley Bottom a.k.a. Blobbyland

Photo: YouTube

In the U.K. in the 90s, there was a television show called Noel’s House Party, whose breakout character was a bulbous, pink creature named Mr. Blobby. Outlandish as it may seem, the show was a huge hit, and even spawned a theme park based upon it called Crinkley Bottom.

Alternately referred to as “Blobbyland,” the park boasted a railway, a “fun village,” and numerous animal-based attractions, including sea lion shows and a safari ride. The park’s centerpiece was Dunblobbin, the polka-dotted residence of Mr. Blobby himself.

Unfortunately, the popularity of Noel’s House Party waned quickly in the years after Crinkley Bottom’s opening. It remained open for just five years, after which all buildings were demolished except Dunblobbin. In the intervening years, Mr. Blobby’s house remained for urban explorers to visit, until it was ultimately demolished as well in 2014.