The Creepiest Abandoned Amusement Parks Ever

11. Lake Shawnee Amusement Park

Photo: YouTube

One could argue that the Lake Shawnee Amusement Park’s troubles began long before it even opened. in 1783, the park’s future site in West Virginia was the setting for a bloody dispute between settlers and Native Americans. Farmer Mitchell Clay had moved onto the land without the consent of the Native Americans, who retaliated by murdering Clay’s children. Clay got his own revenge by rallying together a group of settlers and murdering several Native Americans.

This grisly history didn’t stop businessman Conley T. Snidow from purchasing the land in the 1920s with the intent of building an amusement park. Snidow built a rotating swing set and a ferris wheel on the land, and opened the pond for swimming.

Tragedy continued to haunt the land, however. During its run, the park saw six guest deaths, including a little girl who was struck by a truck while riding the swings, and a boy who drowned in the swimming pond. The park was closed down, but the attractions still stand as decaying reminders of what was.