20 Geniuses with Learning Disabilities

There are numerous examples of people with disabilities who go on to achieve greatness. These people apply their best efforts to accomplish greatness despite lacking abilities that others take for granted. So, with that in mind, we selected 20 geniuses with learning disabilities who applied their unusual talents in creativity, athleticism, visualization, and leadership.

How do we know these folks had disabilities — especially when some of them were born before that disability was named?

Biographers look for clues in the writings and letters to see if they can puzzle out and put a name to the disabilities of past geniuses. Some people on this list are in this category even though they not having been professionally diagnosed. But, they did experience challenges that make their achievements even more noteworthy.

1. Charles Darwin

Photo Credit: iStock

Charles Darwin is known for having contributed to the foundational science of evolution, stating that all species of life descended over time from a common ancestor. Professor Michael Fitzgerald authored a book called In Autism and Creativity: Is There a Link Between Autism in Men and Exceptional Ability?* He claims that Darwin had Asperger’s syndrome and that the condition explains his poor social skills and obsession with examining and explaining the complex topic of evolution.

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