10 Must-Have’s for Any College Student

College students need to be ahead of the game to survive college. Don’t worry — we’ve compiled together the best products that make sure every base is covered.

The following are 10 things you should consider investing in:

The Naked Roommate: And 107 Other Issues You Might Run Into in College by Harlen Cohen

This is the must-have guide book for navigating every uncharted moment. Find out how you can handle living with a stranger or missing your family back home. You might even find yourself in one of colleges’ sixteen types of hookups. The #1 book on college life will help guide you on what to expect and how to conquer situations you’ve never encountered before. 


Pro-Mart DAZZ Smart Carousel Organizer

Girls, you know you’ve been wondering where you’ll put all your shoes. And boys, admit it, your Nike collection is going to need some room, too. With the Smart Carousel Organizer, you can easily give any cluttering item a place to hang. Get off on the right foot with your roommate and save space. 

Anker PowerCore Portable Charger

Say goodbye to your phone dying all the time. This lipstick-sized charger makes sure you always have battery. It’ll keep your IPhone 6 and most other smartphones charged for an extra 14 hours. Perfect for those long walks to class with headphones in or when checking your Twitter DM’s hourly.

Roku 1 Streaming Player

After a long week of midterms and missing all your favorite TV shows, catch that last episode on Roku. Over 2,000 channels to choose from, including top subscription options like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO GO (for all you Game of Thrones lovers), as well as access to news, sports, movies and more. All it takes is a few clicks on this simple remote and they’re laid out for you. It’s easy to set up and only $49.00 with free shipping.

Suede Bean Bag

Living with your peers day and night means entertaining visitors, and you’ll get annoyed when they want to sit on your bed. With a bean bag, you can either study in comfort without falling asleep, or find the quickest way to keep friends coming over. If anything, you may have to fight to sit in your own.

Bose Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speaker

For all you freshmen who are the life of the party, you will love the portable Bose Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speaker. Play that Spotify playlist for up to 8 hours with full-range sound and a rechargeable battery. It doesn’t take up much room, and lets you play DJ anywhere you go.

8-Compartment Shower Caddy

One of the less glamorous facts about dorm life? Sharing a bathroom with other residents. The last thing you want is Sarah from 210 stealing your toothbrush, and this 8-compartment shower caddy has you covered. Now there’s an easy way to have everything you need when going to-and-from the bathroom.

Pop Up Mesh Laundry Hamper

Another unglamorous fact about college? Laundry.  Don’t be that freshman dropping socks and t-shirts on the way to the washer, this Pop Up Mesh Laundry Hamper will help you out a ton. It helps you easily carry your load to the laundry room and back to fold, especially since those machines might not be right outside your door.

G700 Flashlight

This isn’t your phone’s flashlight. With 700 lumens of light, the G700 can not only help you spot any creepers, but it might also save your life. There will be places you have to walk to alone in the dark and safety is crucial on a college campus. Be prepared.

Sears Gift Card

Finally, $100 at Sears is essential. From a mini fridge to backpacks, you’ll find everything any college freshman would love. With a gift card, you can design your room to fit your personality. Sears always has discounts too, so you’re sure to find something you like.

Your college experience will be a time in your life you’ll never forget. Choose to make it as stress-relieving and fun as possible— and start shopping early!


10 Kissing Styles Women Hate

Oliver Wendell Holmes once wrote, “The sound of a kiss is not so loud as that of a cannon, but its echo lasts a great deal longer.”

That being said, women (and men too) tend to hold on to the memory of a kiss for a lifetime. Plus, a single kiss has the power to make or break a connection.

According to Sheril Kirshenbaum, the author of “The Science of Kissing,” an amazing kiss “quickens our pulse and dilates our pupils, which is the reason so many of us close our eyes. Our brains receive more oxygen than normal… our checks flush… but that’s only the beginning.”

On the other hand, a horrid kiss can send the moment into a deal breaking spiral.

In order to help men around the globe (and women, you can definitely benefit from this as well), we’ve done a bit of research and found which kissing styles are a complete turn-off. The above slideshow includes them all — and if you want some extra explanation, check out the following:

1. Too Much Tongue

One of the biggest things is to not use too much tongue or too much force. You know what these are? Deal breakers. Too much tongue makes us want to throw up.

2. Nothing But Pecks

On the contrary, it’s a bit boring if you never use your tongue. Getting pecked over and over again, without any deepening of the kiss, gets extremely annoying.

3. Suffocating Smooches

Have you ever kissed someone who never seemed to want to come up for air? Great kisses are supposed to leave you breathless, but we don’t think that implies feeling as if we are drowning.

4. Porn Tongue

Yeah, don’t do that. Remember that the majority of porn is made to turn men on. If you’re not sure how to use your tongue, ask what she wants. Let her show you, rather than assuming she wants to recreate the porn scene you’ve seen 100 times.

5. Dead Fish Lips

This is where the person just opens their mouth like a fish and does nothing else: no tongue, no lip pressure or movement–nothing. So boring and so gross. One episode of dead fish lips, and you’re likely to lose your hot catch forever.

6. The Vacuum

Think of having a hand-held vacuum and sticking your lips on it. This kind of kiss feels like the person is trying to suck out all the air from your mouth. Totally not sexy, not sensual, just plain horrible.

7. The Biter

Sure, the occasional lip bite may be sexy, but if it feels like you’re trying to eat our face, we won’t be leaning in for any more kisses.

8. The Lizard 

You’ve probably come across this one in your lifetime. It’s where the person’s tongue shoots in and out of your mouth rapidly, like a lizard searching for food.

9. Too Wet

You know that feeling when spit is left all over your mouth after you kiss someone? When you have to wipe off your mouth and chin afterwards? It seriously feels as if we just stood in front of a sprinkler. And fellas, that’s not the kind of wet we’re looking for.

10. Sloppy Kiss

Kisses that are sloppy are pretty self-explanatory. You know what we mean, right? Focus and slowness is the key! We don’t like when you try to fit the entire bottom half of our face into your mouth. Sloppy kisses give us the shivers.