People Recreating Famous Paintings from Home

Self-Portrait as Tehuana (Diego in My Thoughts) by Frida Kahlo (1943)

Photo: Instagram

If you’ve heard the name Frida Kahlo, you’ve probably heard about Diego Rivera. Like Kahlo, Rivera was also a Mexican painter. He was known for his large frescoes — a technique of mural painting that was used on fresh paint or plaster — that popularized the mural movement in art. 

Together the artists are also known for their rocky relationship. They married in 1929, divorced in 1940, and married again that same year. They had affairs, but loved one another, and remained each other’s muses for over 25 years. 

Self-Portrait as Tehuana, also known as “Diego in My Thoughts” highlights her desire to keep Diego. She’s wearing a traditional Tehuana costume, which was apparently one of Diego’s favorites. 

A toilet paper dress, however, is not as traditional.