People Recreating Famous Paintings from Home

During the pandemic, Stay at Home orders created virtual happy hours and online gym classes. But there were some other, super creative ideas as well, such as people recreating famous paintings from home and transforming their spaces into museum galleries. 

How It Worked

Since museums are among the many places we can no longer visit, people have decided to take on the philosophical position: “Life Imitating Art.” People all over are recreating their favorite artwork with the encouragement of The Getty Museum in Los Angeles. 

The museum challenged people to recreate their favorite works from their homes, post them to social media, and use #GettyMuseumChallenge to share their interpretations. Needless to say, the hashtag has gone viral. 

Apparently their idea came from Tussen Kunst & Quarantine, a Dutch Instagram account whose name translates to “between art and quarantine.” The Instagram account has interpretations dating back to the weeks before COVID-19 disrupted life as we know it. 

Since then, others have hopped on the bandwagon, transforming themselves, their pets, and their children into famous classics. Some people, however, are getting a little too good at imitating these priceless pieces.