Life Hack: 4 Helpful Ways to Use Your Tape Measure

ways to use a tape measure

We love DIY projects. Whether it be fixing up the house, working in the garden, or creating a cool item for friends and loved ones, there’s nothing better than completing the project yourself. And a key tool for many tasks is a tape measure. But what are the ways to use one?

Because, let’s face it, a tape measure has more than just the basic marks on it, and that can be confusing. Are we using it correctly, or are we making mistakes all the time (and is that why we can never seem to hang a picture properly)?

If a tape measure has ever been confusing or difficult to use, this video made by Leah from See Jane Drill definitely sets the confusion aside. Many tricks are shown to help make your life a little easier.

Some basics?

  • Using the nail slot on the tape measure. (Did you even know that existed?)
  • If you don’t have a scribing tool , you can use the serrated edge to mark the measure you need on your material.
  • Some tape measures have hooks that move back and forth. Why? Find out!

This short video is super helpful, explained really well, and will make you the smartest DIYer at the next part you attend. So check it out, and let us know what you think on the How Life Works Facebook Page.