How to Fix an Extended Reach Disposable Lighter

Wondering how to fix an extended reach disposable lighter? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got a video that shows how it’s done.

This video from M3talhead will save you a few bucks over buying a new one, will save space in the landfill, and may even make you the hero at your next BBQ!

Recycling Disposable Lighters

As we mentioned, if you don’t fix these lighters and get them working again, then they end up in the trash. But can they be recycled?

World-famous lighter brand BIC says you should not recycle used lighters. Here’s why:

“BIC strongly encourages consumers to use the lighter until all the fuel is gone before disposal. Dispose of empty BIC® Lighters in your trash.  For quality and safety reasons, a lighter is composed of several different metals and plastics which are difficult to separate for recycling.”

How to Dispose of Lighters

You don’t want to toss a lighter in the trash if there’s fuel in it. That could accidentally start a fire. So use it all up first. Also Green Bag Pickup suggests these three steps.

  1. Read the lighter label to see if the manufacturer suggests of special ways to dispose of it. (The manufacturer website should have instructions as well.)
  2. “Use the lighter fluid as it was intended. If you use all of the fluid, there is no need to take extra measures to dispose of the container — it can be discarded with normal waste.”
  3. Located a recycling center and ask them about disposing of hazardous chemicals. A Google search can likely find one near you, and the website may even have the info you need.

But, hopefully the video above alleviates that need and you can keep fix your extended reach lighter and keep using it for years to come.

Or buy matches. Those work too, and they decompose.