How to Open a Beer Bottle with a Straw

Before we get into the tutorial video, let’s ask a basic question: Why does anyone need to know how to open a beer bottle with a straw?

Let’s assume you’re drinking a lovely craft beer that doesn’t come with a twist-off top. Okay fine. But if you’re at a hotel room and are too scared to call the front desk and ask for one — or staying at some dive location that doesn’t have them, maybe you’ll need this trick. Because if you’re at home or a friend’s house or some civilized place on earth, and for some reason you don’t have a bottle opener, then you likely have something stronger to use than a straw.

(You know, like a table’s edge, keys, your teeth, or something.)

No, this here is a party trick. You do this to show off to tipsy friends and they end of posting a TikTok or Instagram video of you and you become instantly famous. That’s why this is here.

But the shocking news? It actually works. Check out that video from Rumble, and we have another special surprise below it.

Want more fun? We found this crazy video of 17 ways to open beer bottles that you may not have expected. It comes from Household Hacker on YouTube.

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