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Photographer Gets Caught on Fire Trying to Shoot Lava

Photo: obviousfun

Pictured above is hiker and landscape photographer, Kawika Singson, who went viral in the summer of 2013 for this crazy photograph. From a town on the west coast of Hawaii, Singson has made it his mission to explore the island’s many active and dormant volcanoes. However, on this particular trip, Singson found himself caught in the cross-fire of an erupting volcano. 

The photograph of both his tripod and shoes caught in flames has circulated around social media for years now. Set out to get a cover photo for Facebook, Singson wrote, “I thought it would be pretty cool to take a lava pic with my shoes and tripod on fire.” Of course, he didn’t do this on his own, he had the help of his photographer friend Christopher Hirata. And, Singson admits that although the flames were created with an accelerant, the lava is completely real.

The next photo shows what happened to his shoes.