Amazing Behind-the-Scenes Wildlife Photography

Lemurs as the Photographer’s Assistants

Photo: boredpanda

Did you know that there were 101 species of lemurs all of which are endangered? 

These creatures can be found on the island of Madagascar. And, lemurs are a matriarchal society — entirely run by the females.

Real Behind-the-scenes Wildlife Photography

Photo: boredpanda

Director Nicolas Brown and Dr. M. Sanjayan are dressed as trees while their cameraman, Robin Fox, is wearing a panda suit. This trio’s camouflage is their work-attire. The photograph is a snapshot from their film series called “Mission Critical” on National Geographic. 

The photo is a snapshot by Ami Vitale, an American photojournalist and documentary filmmaker. 

Check out the way the real pandas interact with these guys on the next slide. 

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