Amazing Behind-the-Scenes Wildlife Photography

Wildlife Photographers on the Run

Photo: obviousfun

You’ve likely seen this behind-the-scenes wildlife photography example — considering the shot went viral. This picture was captioned “behind the scenes at National Geographic” and social media trolls went crazy. While the photo made its way through the web, unfortunately, the picture is fake. 

So where did it come from?

Gizmodo debunked the photo, and the bearded redhead, Tim Sparks, in the shot contacted the writer about the piece. Sparks told Gizmodo that the image was made in 2011. Sparks, a filmmaker, was location scouting in Colorado with other guys, when they thought of the idea. While the film wasn’t produced, this picture garnered the team some attention.  

“All of our friends and family knew we were out in the wilderness location scouting so we thought it would be funny to create a photo of us running from a bear and post it on Facebook. A few of us posted it and we all had a good laugh with our family and friends,” Sparks said.